Thursday, 16 June 2016

Are you new to Software Testing?

I am writing this post for all of them who are new to software testing and want to know more about the inside of software testing.

The software testing has changed manifold since it has been recognized by the industry and the people as an important segment in the software development business. Initially it was limited to writing test scenarios and test cases with the help of requirement gathered and the business knowledge, now it has moved to more over automated testing and creating framework which will indeed reduce the cost of testing itself.

The testers, became quality assurance team and then they became quality engineers. The specialization is moved to next level and tester name is completely removed in Agile and they just became agile team member.

Automation was earlier costlier option and only used by the organization with heavy regression suites. The automation engineers and tester were creating automation test cases to replicate regression pack. Now, we are moving to continuous integration.

The new term is very important for each one associated with testing team. Continuous Integration.

As soon as developer writes code and commit, then the build will be triggered. Once the build is created automation scripts will be triggered and will check if the there is any issues to the application. If test fails the build will be reverted as unsuccessful and developer will be informed to recheck the code and commit it again.

So those who are new and want to take up Software testing/ Quality Assurance / Quality Engineering/ Automation more seriously need to know that this field is more technical and domain driven than earlier. Prepare to learn new language and automation tools in your journey at the beginning of it.

All the best!!