Thursday, 11 August 2016

Automating Devops

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Let's see the process of Automating Devops and how testing blocks fits in the process.

Devops is development operations; which means once the code is written by developers then we need to collect the code and combine it to make larger functionality. This code is then built to make executable version and deployed in the environment i.e Test or Production. In a very simple language these all operations comes under Devops or Development Operations.

This process is repetitive and requires automation. Also, due to the changing requirements and iterative development code drop is frequent. So we need to run the code-integrate-build-deploy cycle frequently within small window.

There are two major concepts CI (Continuous Integration) and CD (Continuous Delivery). All the code when combined by the tool and sent out for build and deploy is called as Continuous Integration.  The build and deployment cycle may be manual or automated. And CD will be achieved once the code is integrated and if the build is deployed to make sure that application is ready to use after every build.

Automation testing is an essential and integral part of CI and CD. In our previous posts we have seen how Jenkins - open source tool can be used to implement CI and CD.

Selenium allows to write tests in most popular languages like Java and makes it possible to create test suites for unit testing, functional or integration testing. While automating Devops Selenium tests are triggered to make sure the functionality is working as expected. Any integration issues are not passed through and regression suite to confirm that nothing else has broken by the new code.

Any failure to the automated tests will revert the changes and inform all the stake holders. To achieve the most ideal automated system of Devops, requires expertise and willingness to provide enough time on designing the system.

Once the system is in place the maintenance of the system involves but not limited to maintaining Selenium Automation Scripts. Here if automation framework is built then it becomes easy to manage automation scripts for quick maintenance.

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