Friday, 16 September 2016

Telerik Test Studio

We have seen a few tools, but the client speaks about Script less automation tools. Hence I have decided to share my experience on one of the Script less automation tools - Telerik Test Studio.

Telerik test studio is one of the easiest tools to work with Functional testing, Performance, Load and Mobile testing.

Telerik test studio is very handy for web and desktop applications. One of the applications when we were automating we had issues handling Silverlight and WPF. However when we tried the same application using Telerik test studio it was quite simple.

Telerik test studio supports Silverlight, WPF, AJAX, HTML, WPF, MVC, JavaScript calls, dynamic page synchronization etc.

Telerik test studio is very simple to maintain test cases. The project explorer gives tree like structure to add test, create folder, add existing test, compile project etc.

Recording in any web browser is very simple –
                  1. Click on Record
                  2. Select Browser
                  3. Enter URL and the recording will start

Recording tool bar will appear at the bottom of the browser.

This toolbar allows highlighting elements, pausing test, resuming recording and docking the toolbar.
Using Verification builder or by actions from Elements Menu, verifications can be added. Also, if you want to handle complex scenarios, then you can add coded steps to it. Telerik test studio supports C# and

Data driven testing can be achieved with following options –

  • Using local data source
  • Excel spread sheet
  • XML
  • CSV
  •  SQL database

Test execution is very simple. Select the saved test and click on run list.

Test result panel helps to view the test summary and detailed test report. Test result shows the test steps and pass/fail results for each step.

If you want to capture the screenshots; you need to configure the test step with capture type as Browser or Desktop and File Name prefix. File name prefix will save the file on disk. For quick execution images will not be captured. This is another out of the box feature. Log files will be created and stored at the prescribed location.

So for us, initial setup and tool configuration took little while but then the recording and running tests was very simple. The maintenance part was also easy however for complex scenarios the code we created required C# or knowledge.