Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Next Generation Automation - Bots

I was sitting in my room and watching TV, I saw advertisement where the actor said "Alexa, reorder flour". I jumped out of chair and just said - "New Generation Automation has arrived, and this time in our day to day lives".

This not only changed my mind but changed my search and blog for this month. I checked Amazon- Alexa, Apple- Siri ,Windows- Cortana and Google - ; these all are personal assistants to provide the requested information.

Aha.... I have decided to write something on "ChatBots with IBM Watson"

Lets create simple ChatBot with Watson. We need to create IBM - Bluemix account. This is free 30 days trial. The account creation is very simple.
Enter your email, Name, password and location and submit. From email box activate the account and login.

Once logged in, it will ask to create an organisation and space. Click on "I am Ready"

1. Click on "Services"
2. Click on  "Watson"
3. Click on "Conversation"
4. Click on "Create"
5. Click on "Launch Tool"
6. Here we can create our own work space - click on Create button
7. Create Intents now - Click on "Create" (Intent is nothing but the #<<servicename>> e.g. #sales)
8. Add Intent name and examples
9. Create Dialog and we are ready

Now click on "Ask Watson". That's it we are ready with our first ChatBot, its very simple, isn't it?

You can visit for more details-

Let start new journey of Bots!!