Monday, 18 September 2017

What is Robotic Process Automation?

     One of my friends asked me if Selenium automation training will be beneficial. My response was affirmative with some more additional information on the RPA. He was initially confused but then asked me – “What is Robotic Process Automation?”

I like to talk and write about changing world around me in IT.  One of the changes in recent time is “Robotic Process Automation”.

We have many mundane tasks in Development, IT Support and Business Process. These tasks are repetitive in nature and always follow fixed logic or set of rules. If we decide to automate these tasks using simple automation tools like selenium for web applications or Winium for desktop applications and integrate the automation scripts to appear it as a single process then the outcome is the process flow. In other words, we simply imitate the human steps from start to end in our automation scripts.

So here, we need to create a workflow, UI to show the results and automation scripts to perform tasks on presentation layer of each application in scope.  

This is increasing need of businesses now to reduce the cost of overall processing information through outsource or in house processing desks.

 Why we need “Robotic Process Automation”-

1.       Robotic process automation is preferred to avoid human errors in repetitive tasks
2.       Automated process is always consistent and accurate
3.       Simplify the complex flow and use the expertise in more complex area of work
4.       Utilize the automated process during off working hours when the Systems are more available
5.       No monitoring is required. Audit trail can be used for compliance and audit purpose
6.       Reducing large unmanageable teams to small manageable expert

Opportunities –

1.       Consultant – Helps the organisation to automate the processes by providing process mapping
2.       Robotics Architect – Understand the technology landscape and provide the solution fit for the purpose
3.       Managers- Manage the process and have a bigger picture of the organisation
4.       Maintenance Engineers – Co-ordinates with technical teams to maintain the Robots

Tools –Many RPA tools are available to learn the “Robotic Process Automation”.

Happy Learning – “Robotic Process Automation”